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Drivers Of Natural Gas And LNG Demand Growth

Natural gas consumption growth has varied considerably across geographies in the past. The difference primarily reflects the contrast in economic growth rates and improvements in energy efficiency between regions.

Executive Summary

Natural gas demand will be strongest amongst fossil fuels as we transition to a cleaner energy environment

In our earlier report on Energy Mix 2030, we had concluded that despite a clear shift towards renewable in the future energy mix, from 15% in 2016 to 22% in 2030, we believe overall demand for the three key fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas – will not peak till 2030, but grow at varying rates.

Natural Gas Demand Overview

Gas: An Important Part of Global Energy Demand

The world economy continues to grow, driven by increasing prosperity in the developing world.

Regional Gas Demand & Policy Highlights

China: Supportive Policy Environment

With an objective to ‘Make the skies blue again’, China has embarked on various policies to reduce the proportion of dirtier fuels in its energy mix, while boosting the usage of cleaner fuels.

LNG Supply Trends

Natural Gas Production Trends

In the past seventeen years, global natural gas production largely moved in sync with global natural gas consumption.

LNG Pricing Trends

Natural Gas Pricing Mechanism

Though natural gas and oil share many characteristics (both are: hydrocarbons, found and produced using similar methods and equipment, and often produced simultaneously), there is a difference in the way they are sold and priced.
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